Besides looking gorgeous, this is a pod-cast friendly mic that does a great all-round job of recording acoustic instruments and vocals. The cardioid polar pattern and wide frequency response seem capable of reasonable results in a variety of studio situations and setups. The PRO 37 supports a fixed cardioid polar patterns with a 30 Hz to 15kHz frequency response and a max SPL of 141 db. We get it. A Condenser mic is better suited for studio usage and recording high quality audio. It offers a warm, clean and crisp recording which works great for vocals. Now, this is a feature you don’t often find on many condenser microphones. It’s built to last and is definitely worth checking out! Welcome to Value town! The CO2 stereo pair is built to price and performs as well as you would expect a budget pair could. Overall, this is an amazing deal that any singer or musician should consider. There is noticeable but not significant noise in the output, which is marginal in close-mic situations. Whether you’ve got a plan to be the next big podcaster/streamer or you are keen on setting up a home studio, a reliable and versatile condenser mic is a pre-requisite that you need to get right on the first go. The highs are more chime-like than tinny, which is more than one can expect from this price-bracket. Just like the M5 pair, this small diaphragm mic outperforms the competition in clarity, tone and cost-to-performance ratio. Overall, it offers a balanced and transparent tone without adding any distinct color to the sound. Open-Box Open-Box. The movement is called the change in capacitance that is captured and converted from sound into an electric signal. AKG has relaunched the new-improved CS100S (based on the original 1980s version) in an end-fire format with a cast-alloy navy blue body and foam-lined mesh. Though it is priced modestly, it can square up to mics twice its price. It does have an all-metal body with a metal mesh grill, adding to the durability of the microphone. Do condenser microphones require phantom power? In the sub $1000 range, those looking for a warm, clear and detailed tube microphone will be delighted by the V13. Already a lot written and spoken about the Condenser vs. Best Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones Under $500. For studio applications, condenser microphones are undoubtedly the top choice due to their transient response (realistic reproduction high velocity sounds like attack of a snare drum) and wide ranging frequency. It is commonly used in an interview where two people face each other. (A New Way to Learn), 5 Songwriting Exercises That Actually Make A Difference, The Best Kalimba in 2020 – Everything You Need to Know, Best In-Ear Monitors (Ultimate Buyers Guide), TikTok for Musicians (The Ultimate Guide). The product ships with a swivel microphone clip and stand adapter in a cardboard box (no hard case or storage pouch provided). It also doesn’t change or alter your voice in a way that is noticeable. The fact that it comes with two condenser mics(MXL 990 and 991) while still having such a budget-friendly price tag under 200 dollars makes this the perfect entry-level microphone set. The P420 is a favorite among studio owners due to its capability to handle a multitude of recording needs. You want a high-quality microphone, that sounds good, is reliable and that can be used in a variety of situations. Head-to head, it sounds more airy than the similarly priced AT2020 with a better tone color. The MXL 991 also has a fixed cardioid pickup pattern and is easy to use and set-up. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up ... $2000 - $2499.99 $2000 - $2499.99. Share this page: By Kevin Osborn on Mar 27, 2019, 12:00 ... check out our Vocal Mic Shootout where you can listen to 50 large-diaphragm condenser microphones from under $500 up to $9,000. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to At the price it comes at, it feels moot to nit-pick the lack of a hard case or more intricate nuances of the sound. As the humblest offering of the Perception Series, the P220 is AKG’s concentrated attempt to capture the entry-level market. Even though the AT2020 comes at a lower price compared to the other condenser mics under 200 that we’ve already discussed, we must say that we are certainly impressed by what this microphone has to offer. When switched on, it will decrease the sensitivity of the mic to very low frequencies. Shure PG27 is a cheap condenser mic. Well, fret no more, in this article we have handpicked the 12 best condenser microphones under $200 that will suit and serve all your needs. This small-diaphragm pencil condenser may be the only pair you’ll need for any and all high-quality stereo recordings. It is available under the price tag of $200. These isn’t a cheap matched pair, it is a matched pair that is cheap. Rode M3 small-diaphragm condenser outperforms the competition in clarity, tone, and cost-to-performance ratio to emerge as our top pick among small diaphragm condensers. This microphone has a Cardioid Polar pattern so it will primarily be capturing sound from the front side of the mic. Model: HMIQ1S-XX-RG/G. This is perfect for field recordings where phantom power is not accessible. It’s also great for those who don’t have much studio space at home to work with or those who plan to travel with the microphone frequently. Condenser microphones are what I consider an “essential” for every studio. Mind you, they are equally detailed and articulate as drum overheads as well. It’s also impressive at eliminating the background noise when recording. Unlike the passive dynamic mics, condensers have active electronics and high impedance which needs additional power from an external power source. It’s also compatible with Apple iPads, you’ll just need the Apple USB Camera Connection kit, allowing you to work with GarageBand and other audio apps. But it can record any other instrument with generous transparency and warmth. It can handle acoustic guitars and amps with equal fortitude and clarity. It is more sensitive to background noise than the Rode M3 and can be slightly muddy when used to record guitar amplifiers. Podcasters, voice-over artists and vocalists will find a lot of value in the P120. The M3 is a petite ultra-low noise, cardioid polar pattern condenser that barely spans over an inch in diameter. To help you narrow down those choices, I’ve chosen and reviewed the 20 best condenser microphones for studio recording that are available today for under $1,000. While it is cheaper in price, it definitely still looks and feels like a professional condenser microphone. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just means that it won’t be the best choice for people who want a brighter sound for their recordings. This is a particular sound that many vocalists are looking for. Just like all of the other Audio-Technica 20 series microphones, the build quality on the AT2035 is amazing, especially considering its price. This mic also comes with a mesh pop filter to help eliminate any plosives during recordings and a 10ft. And you'll need a pair of the best studio monitors; Condenser microphones, on the other hand, can be mostly split into two distinct camps. It definitely feels like it was built to last a long time. The 7 Best Condenser Mic Under $500 (2020 Reviews) Recording vocals is not an easy task, especially if you’re someone with high standards for quality. This condenser microphone comes with a shock mount that works well with the microphone. The durability and construction quality is reasonable and may not be an issue but you will need to upgrade them as your expertise and studio expands. But it doesn't have to be! The AKG P120 is a small-diaphragm true-capacitor cardioid mic also known as a pencil condenser. Phantom means invisible, so in this case phantom power refers to the invisible positive voltage ranging from 12v to 48v that acts as a power source for active electronics. On the side of the microphone, you’ll find two dials. When it's time for your music to be heard, it's time for a microphone or wireless system. Welcome to the budget territory of the AKG Perception series, a durable, do-all workhorse that is handy for just about anything. You won’t have to buy a separate audio interface or mixer with Phantom Power to use this microphone, allowing you to go straight to recording your music. Well, that helps a condenser mic register sound more accurately than the heavy coils inside dynamic microphones. We are certainly impressed by the sound quality of the MXL 990, as it delivers nice, clear audio with great detail that is close or equal to the sound source. The shock mount is made of high-strength plastic, feeling very sturdy so you won’t have to worry about it breaking. SKU: 6434274. There are so many options to choose from, all varying in different price ranges, which can make it tough. The M5s are a high-value pair that sound rich, transparent and warm. There are USB condenser microphones that won’t require Phantom Power, so if you want to save even more money, definitely look into those. Overall, a very good value, considering all of the useful features that come with it and the well-balanced sound that this microphone is capable of delivering. And, your search for a reasonably priced pair to record acoustic guitars ends here. It definitely feels durable and able to take a few bumps or drops if that ever happens. The recorded sound is crisp and well defined with a uniquely pleasant hype around 7k. Speaking of batteries, two AA batteries can that power the unit for 120+ hours. Overall, the mic is fairly low-noise but not enough to call it dead silent. As you can see, there are still high-quality professional condenser mics that are under 200 dollars. EIVOTOR Condenser Microphone, 3.5mm PC Microphone Plug & Play Recording Microphone with Anti Slip Mic Stand Dual-Layer Pop Filter Computer Microphone for Gaming Podcasting Live Streaming YouTube 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,343 You do, however, get a 12-month warranty that can be extended to ten years upon registering the product, which is more than what any other competitor is willing to offer. It’s really nice owning a metal pop filter as they’re a bit more durable than mesh alternatives. It ships with a microphone mount/stand adapter but doesn’t include a hard case or pouch. They are also easier to clean, a huge plus since pop filters get pretty nasty after a lot of use. The small form helps isolate sound from the source and keeps out any unwanted noise. The recording capabilities exceed all expectations across the wide-range of studio usage. The true-capacitor X1 does a stellar job at adding a nice sparkle (presence) to the texture of flat sounding tones. Primarily microphone are two types- dynamic microphone, and other is condenser microphone. With the AT2020 they have produced one of the best cheap condenser microphones on the market today. Great little workhorse mic for just about any source. The Avantone CV-12 is the best condenser mic for most. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz combined a formidable 155dB SPL that outshines most of the competition in handling aggressive sound sources. Right below the compartment, inside the housing, there is another switch to toggle the low cut between 0dB, -10db and -20dB. They also require a power supply (Phantom Power) in order to use them, which is where audio interfaces and preamps come in. It has a black finish with subtle gold detailing that gives it a professional vibe. Walk into any studio and you’ll see the same thing: a condenser microphone planted in the middle of the recording booth. The first mics I’ll review are dynamic mics. The Audio-Technica AT2020 is an impressive mic which handles low output surprisingly well. It feels sturdy, looks professional, and promises detailed sound representation. Definitely worth its price tag and more. AKG Professional Condenser Microphone. It is a cost-effective, do-all mic that works equally well on vocals and instrumentations. In conclusion, the sE X1 manages to side step the raucous missteps of budget microphones and delivers an energetic and well-rounded vocal package for your home studio or personal setup. But how does it sound? Best of luck and for all the newcomers, welcome to the world of recording your own music. Which is the best condenser microphone under 15000 Rupees? The AT2020 sounds rich and warm, especially towards the bottom of the midrange. They can also be handy for recording acoustic guitars in stereo. The MXL 770 has a HPF and -10db pad switch on the back of the mic and a low-noise FET preamp on the inside. This product also ships with a nifty aluminum case and a sturdy shock mount. It may not find favor among professionals and audiophiles, but beginners or audio enthusiasts will find this to be an excellent entry point for domestic and personal use. Remember that aforementioned thin membrane? Unlike the other LDCs in this list, the P420 offers the added benefit of swapping between cardioid, figure-8 and omnidirectional patterns. Shop for microphone at Best Buy. Even in our humbly-priced $200 segment, it manages to stare down mics that cost twice as much. It has an integrated pre-amp as well as gain control. The M5 does not have a HPF or -10dB attenuator but it can handle SPLs of 140dB with negligible background noise in studio applications. It’s still a microphone that professionals can appreciate, but we definitely recommend it to anyone who’s just getting started. It cuts 6dB at 135hz, which can be helpful when doing voiceover types of recordings and podcasts. Designed to meet, and even surpass the performance and specs of higher-priced condenser mics, while being offered at a cost that even mid-range studios and artists can afford. ... HyperX QuadCast S - RGB USB Condenser Microphone for PC, PS4, and Mac. One switch is used to cut -10db, a helpful feature when recording louder audio sources such as a drum set. It’s designed to be a low-frills studio mic that can be afforded by most budding musicians. Since it’s a USB condenser mic, people who have little to no experience recording their own music will find it easier to use since they won’t be needing other devices such as audio interfaces, mixers, or preamps. From condenser and dynamic mics, to ribbon, tube, USB, drum and so many others, the selection here covers every major style. The MXL isn’t runner upo… The low-cut, windshield and low sensitivity to background noise make this an ideal instrument for location-work. The MXL 770 has a balanced blend of warmth and brightness that can bring out clarity in most vocal recordings. The CO2 is sensitive and can pick up a lot of detail. However, they don’t have a low-cut switch or attenuator pad and the shock mounts do little to isolate them mic from thumps. If not, the AKG P220 can easily be your one-stop mic for all LDC related usage. The P420 is a multi-pattern LDC with low noise electronics and a high dynamic range. Those who aren’t intimidated by the slightly higher price-tag, stand to gain a lot of bang for buck from this high-quality, multi-purpose masterpiece of AKG engineering. Best mic under $2000 I'm looking for a large diaphram condenser for $2000 or less. If you’re ever in a very high volume situation, you can use the PAD switch to decrease the output of the microphone. The sE Electronics X1 and Audio-Technica AT2035 are joint runner-ups and can be a viable/cheaper alternative to the AKG P420. This mic comes with the do-all attitude of the P420 and offers an equally versatile profile. Related: 7 Best Earbuds Under $50. Last, but certainly not least, the MXL 990 makes it onto our list, coming with the MXL 991 all in one package. The MXL 990 has some nice weight to it. Thanks to their 'Tri-Capsule' technology they … The problem, though, is that with the possible exception of a few higher-end dynamic mics (which are the exception that proves the rule, IMO), the "high end" for vocal mics (and especially the more versatile high end vocal mics) starts around 4k and goes up from there. They did launch two models after the AT2020, which includes the AT2035 and AT2050. The MXL 990 has a smooth high end and a tight solid bass that works well at capturing crisp vocals. Priced in the range of 4000 to 15000 Rupees, some of these receivers are desirable for desk recording fitting for YouTubers and Podcasters. The tone is clear, crisp with resonant highs. In the studio, they perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from recording vocals, acoustic instruments, room mics and voice-overs. It offers a good balance between the mids and the highs, slightly compressing the midrange, creating a warm sound with a very smooth high-end. Now let’s get right into our list of the best condenser mics under 200 dollars. We found that the microphone does an amazing job at capturing both vocals and musical instruments. Below that, you will find the headphone dial to control the volume of your headphones. One of our favorite inexpensive condenser mics, the Mini K47's performance is unbelievable for its price. In conclusion, the AT2035 sets the ball rolling with a great bargain for a quality build. As you may have guessed by now, Audio-Technica is adept at making cost-effective mics for the entry-level market and the PRO 37 is no exception. Overall, the AT2035 captures sound nicely and doesn’t sound overly colored, especially when used on vocals. If you’re a singer/musician, this pair of microphones would be great for you as you can have the MXL 990 focus on your vocals while having the MXL 991 focused on recording your musical instrument. Podcasters also tend to choose condensers over dynamic because of the additional clarity and high output. For this microphone, you’ll have three different polar patterns to choose from which include cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-eight. While its design is nothing too special, the quality of sound that this microphone can produce makes it a great choice for anyone looking to get started recording their own music. The sound quality of this microphone is pretty good, especially considering that it’s a USB condenser mic. Under ₹1,000 ₹ ₹ Go ... Best seller in Microphone Stands. But it does a fantastic job at recording acoustic guitar with a very rich and natural tone with pleasant highs. The first pattern-altering device (widget) does a great job of modifying the presence in the 5-9 kHz range and the second one allows you to shift from cardioid to hyper-cardioid by placing it over the capsule. Just plug it straight into your computer and start recording. You will find that the MXL 770X has a solid build, having a metal body and mesh grill. The SPL is 20Hz to 20kHz and a max SPL of 130dB. #13. Buying guide for best condenser microphones. Big difference! Each condenser microphone we will discuss is budget-friendly, but high-quality in both sound and design. Condenser mics are known to distort at higher levels of noise due to their higher sensitivity. The product ships with a foamed-padded plastic case and an adjustable shock mount. They also offer higher output and lower noise compared to dynamic microphones. It has a fixed Cardioid pickup pattern, great for focusing on the main sound source you’re recording. It feels particularly congenial to vocal recording. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up ... $2000 - $2499.99 $2000 - $2499.99. Audio-Technica is well-known for their high-quality budget microphones, with the AT2020 being one of their most successful models. Bulfyss Combo of BM 800 Professional Condenser Microphone with 3.5 mm Audio Jack Converter for Mobile, Computer and Microphone Stand Mic Sound Studio Recording Dynamic (Black) 3.4 out of 5 stars 6 ₹1,699 ₹ 1,699 ₹3,999 ₹3,999 Save ₹2,300 (58%) This microphone has a vintage body style with a nice champagne finish helps it stand out from the rest. Vanguard V13 - $749. Overall, the AT2020 is a pocket-friendly, all-purpose condenser that maintains a steady reputation as a high value entry-level mic. The Samson CO2 matched pair is the second-best option in this list if you want are looking for a more affordable option. The first condenser microphone on our list is the MXL 770X, a large-diaphragm condenser mic that’s also known as the big brother to the MXL 770. The PRO 37 isn’t great for recording vocals, but then again that is not what it is made for. These type of microphones use a conductive diaphragm which is paired with a metal disk that forms a capacitor. They’re perfect for singers and musicians who are just getting started at recording their own music. With an upgraded diaphragm, high-quality sound, premium design, and great features, the MXL 770X is an excellent condenser mic that falls under the $200 price range. Refurbished Refurbished. The AKG P120 is just a no-frills, straightforward microphone that is great at what it is intended to do. Best Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. The AT2035 condenser microphone has a PAD switch and a low cut switch. The P120 adds some color to the tone which seems to bring some life to vocals or talking. There is little else to fault in the construction, functionality or performance of this device. When you record a sound source, like a guitar, the sound from the source hits the microphone and makes the membrane vibrate. It has a full metal body with a metal grill and an all-black professional design. The MXL 770 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone (SDC) that has a formidable reputation in the entry-level mic market. The M3 remains a popular choice for location work and as a studio instrument mic. It offers the usual fare of a cardioid polar pattern, 15/mv/Pa sensitivity, a 30Hz to 20kHz frequency range with reasonable max SPL of 137dB. Best Large Diaphragm Condensers. The highs are reasonably good in this price range but may be susceptible to sibilance and can sound rowdy at times. The build quality of this microphone is really nice. In Guides for Musicians, Guides for Singers, Home Recording Studio by Jake LJuly 11, 2019Leave a Comment, Last updated on April 3rd, 2020 at 12:28 am. It’s a great entry-level condenser microphone for music, that has a budget-friendly price tag. It requires phantom power and a standard XLR connector. Another microphone from Audio-Technica, the AT2020 makes it onto our list, being one of the most affordable condenser mics under 200 dollars. The AT2020 has been the most talked about mic in any low-budget setup, and for good reason. Dynamic debate. Built to a high standard, the AT2035 is a rock-solid large-diaphragm condenser (LDC) mic with a 0.8-inch capsule and an elegant all-black finish. The Blue Yeti in our opinion is one of the best USB condenser mics for its unparalleled audio recording capabilities. The 150dB SPL does a good job at balancing assertive tones from cranked up guitar amplifiers. It’s a little more expensive, however, you won’t have to deal with other devices. Coming in as a close runner up is the MXL 990. Like we’ve already mentioned, this package also comes with the MXL 991 condenser microphone. Overall, the mic sounds full and transparent with reasonable lows. It seems to do the best job at recording the acoustic guitar from this list of 12. It also has an 80Hz low-cut and the -10dB pad that work quite well. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Powerpak MS-1001 3 Leg Boom Microphone Stand (Black) 4.0 out of 5 stars 673 ... Wright WP 101 POP filter with WR-35 Microphone Stand for Dynamic Condenser Microphone Voice recording … Since this is the cheaper version of the P420, it only has a fixed cardioid polar pattern. Of course, you do get what you pay for, however, there are still great condenser mics that are under 200 for anyone’s home recording studio. With an instantly striking champagne finish and vintage design, the MXL condenser microphone is a few scratch marks from looking like it came from the 1970’s.
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