2 thoughts on “ Why Chinese people do not believe in Christianity ” Jarrod T Skole October 18, 2016 at 12:05 pm. I also believe God is a god of many names. Dì is a title expressing dominance over the all-under-Heaven, that is all things generated by Heaven and ordered by its cycles and by the stars. But my grandma told me that if I am a good person, I would be another human being in my after life. Couplets or polarities, such as Fuxi and Nuwa, Xiwangmu and Dongwanggong, and the highest couple of Heaven and Earth, all embody yin and yang and are at once the originators and maintainers of the ordering process of space and time.[36]. [54] This myth symbolises the equipoise of yin and yang, here the fire of knowledge (reason and craft) and earthly stability. Rather depends on the choices of common people; persons are deified when they have made extraordinary deeds and have left an efficacious legacy. Believing in God was irrelevant to me. [60] Bixia herself is identified by Taoists as the more ancient goddess Xiwangmu,[61] The general Chinese term for "goddess" is 女神 nǚshén, and goddesses may receive many qualifying titles including mǔ (母 "mother"), lǎomǔ (老母 "old mother"), shèngmǔ (聖母 "holy mother"), niángniáng (娘娘 "lady"), nǎinai (奶奶 "granny"). Answer. [15], Many classical books have lists and hierarchies of gods and immortals, among which the "Completed Record of Deities and Immortals" (神仙通鑑, Shénxiān Tōngjiàn) of the Ming dynasty,[34] and the Biographies of the Deities and Immortals or Shenxian Zhuan by Ge Hong (284-343). Because of several prevention of Christianity in China, not a lot of people have a chance to know Christianity. I think that there are several different ways of interpreting God. Christianity has the least effect in China. He was a scholar in China, and one day he dreamed that an angel brought him to Heaven to see an old man and a young man. Yet, Confucians and Taoists traditionally may demand that state honour be granted to a particular deity. It was one of the biggest rebellion in China, and later Christianity was banned again in China. What exactly is the relationship between the Chinese people and their government? [24] The Chinese idea of the universal God is expressed in different ways; there are many names of God from the different sources of Chinese tradition. Similarly, in Buddhism, there is no belief that someone can wash away their sins simply by asking for forgiveness. His statue shows a wealthy man seated in a … [8] In the theology of the classic texts and Confucianism, "Heaven is the lord of the hundreds of deities". If I am a bad person, I would become an animal. 1 decade ago. that would be the chinese not living in china however. Chinese belief in Ghosts and Spirits. Merchants Are More Flexible [2] Ancestors are regarded as the equivalent of Heaven within human society,[3] and therefore as the means connecting back to Heaven, which is the "utmost ancestral father" (曾祖父 zēngzǔfù). Religious practices in ancient China go back over 7,000 years. "We do not believe that any being created the world because we do not believe that things can arise from a solitary unassisted cause." Lv 7. In class, we talked about does prayer work. god translate: 神靈, (主宰某個領域的)神;神像, 尊崇的人, (對某人來說)被極度尊崇的人,被崇拜的偶像, 劇院, (尤指基督教、猶太教和伊斯蘭教中的)上帝,天主,真主. And why might a Western observer of China be obscured from the Chinese point of view? After two thousand years of hoping and waiting, the Lord has finally returned! The Indians are preparing for their next lives. The gods are energies or principles revealing, imitating and propagating the way of Heaven (Tian 天), which is the supreme godhead manifesting in the northern culmen of the starry vault of the skies and its order. [9] Modern Confucian theology compares them to intelligence, substantial forms or entelechies (inner purposes) as explained by Leibniz, generating all types of beings, so that "even mountains and rivers are worshipped as something capable of enjoying sacrificial offerings". [6] "Polytheism" and "monotheism" are categories derived from Western religion and do not fit Chinese religion, which has never conceived the two things as opposites. Source(s): chinese people spiritual power worship god form: https://shortly.im/q0zDH. It seems that God is the most important person in their lives. [1] The gods are energies or principles revealing, imitating and propagating the way of Heaven (Tian 天), which is the supreme godhead manifesting in the northern culmen of the starry vault of the skies and its order. Islam was introduced into China in 7th century. Long before the philosophical and spiritual teachings of Confucius and Lao-Tzu developed or before the teachings of the Buddha came to China, the people worshipped personifications of nature and then of concepts like "wealth" or "fortune" which developed into a religion.These beliefs still influence religious practices today. Why Does Music Trigger Specific Memories? • People who believe in a religion have freedom. For the regal address, see, Gods of celestial and terrestrial phenomena, Whether centred in the changeful precessional north. Nonetheless the majority of the Chinese people I've met in America are secular. The cult of this deity is historically exercised all over China. About 150 million people believe in Fengshui theory and 140 million people believe in God of Wealth. [23] The universal principle that gives origin to the world is conceived as transcendent and immanent to creation, at the same time. This is very interesting to hear and news to me. To be honest, I have no idea about after life. What’s more, there was a rebellion called Taiping Rebellion in China. Chinese traditional religion is polytheistic; many deities are worshipped in a pantheistic view where divinity is inherent in the world. Nothing is good in itself, without limits; good outcomes depend on the proportion in the composition of things and their interactions, never on extremes in absolute terms. There are nine main goddesses, and all of them tend to be considered as manifestations or attendant forces of a singular goddess identified variously as the Lady of the Blue Dawn (Bìxiá Yuánjūn 碧霞元君, also known as the Tiānxiān Niángniáng 天仙娘娘, "Heavenly Immortal Lady", or Tàishān Niángniáng 泰山娘娘, "Lady of Mount Tai",[viii] or also Jiǔtiān Shèngmǔ 九天聖母,[58] "Holy Mother of the Nine Skies"[ix])[59]:149–150 or Houtu, the goddess of the earth. Wiki User Answered . People did not want to accept Christianity because they thought Western people are malice and bad, and if they believe in Christianity, other people would leave them away. The focus is more on common features of different religions than on their contrasting dogmas. The Earliest Chinese Theology and Worship of God . Several years later, when he was introduced to Christianity, he interpreted that the old man was God, the young man was Jesus Christ, and the demons were the officials of Qing government. There are also lots of Christan churches all over the places. The worship of mother goddesses for the cultivation of offspring is present all over China, but predominantly in northern provinces. https://www.quora.com/Why-dont-majority-of-Chinese-people-believe-in-God, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_China#Statistics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Xiuquan, https://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/religion/. CHART I Religion in China (CGSS’s average 2012)[130]. But I do not believe God is some guy in the sky. [59]:149–150; 191, note 18 A different figure but with the same astral connections as Bixia is the Goddess of the Seven Stars (七星娘娘 Qīxīng Niángniáng). [30] As the hub of the skies, the north celestial pole constellations are known, among various names, as Tiānmén 天門 ("Gate of Heaven")[19] and Tiānshū 天樞 ("Pivot of Heaven").[20]. I believe He is more like energy. Ive never heard of the emperor who claimed he was related to jesus christ, but that is shocking that even after he did that, that none of the chinese people started to become christian. Do Chinese believe in god? That's why it's so important to talk about the topic of Jesus. I know every religion and country has different views on it, so what is yours? What religion they have ? Researchers reveal the 'cognitive and social adaptations' behind religion. The Chinese are almost completely different from the Indians in this respect. 0 1. • People have freedom to change religious belief. I feel your picture was in poor taste, especially for those viewers who may be Christian. Thus he began to introduced Christianity to people around him, had some speeches in other villages and started the rebellion in South of China. According to Demerath (2001:138), 64% do not believe in God and 55% do not believe in Buddha.
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