$57.95 -In Stock . A member of the Rose … Spacing: 2 - 3 feet. Botanical Name: Rosa 'Double Delight' Height: 3 - 4 feet. As a rule of thumb, dig the hole about 1 1/2 times as deep and 1 1/2 times as wide as the root system is long. Mound a small pile of soil in the center of the hole as a support for the rose's … $57.95 -In Stock . The Double Delight® is a multicolored rose with deep green foliage and a strong spice fragrance. across (12 cm), high-centered flowers. One of the world's most famous roses, award-winning Rosa 'Double Delight' is a terrific Hybrid Tea rose with extremely fragrant, very large, up to 5 in. * Double Delight Tree Rose #25840. This fantastic rose … It boasts beautiful, large tea-shaped blooms with 30-35 petals with a creamy-white center and a strawberry-red edge. The foliage has suffered some pests, and is a high demander of nutrients but it’s all worth it because the blooms are giant, the gorgeous fragrance is as big as the … Quick to repeat, this outstanding rose … Qty: BUY NOW * Easy Does It Tree Rose #25852. In fact, it is the most complete and thorough testing program in the world -- and this rose won that award! Qty: BUY NOW * Ebb Tide Tree Rose #25855. Double delight is on my top 3 favorites. Qty: BUY NOW * Firefighter Tree Rose #25865. Double Delight® (Hybrid Tea Rose) - will be available third week in Feb. $57.95 -In Stock . An All America Rose Selections Award is the highest honor a rose can achieve in America. The Double Delight rose is one of the greatest roses ever introduced! Depth: Soak the bareroot in water for about an hour. $57.95 -In Stock . The ravishing, spicy scented, double flowers feature creamy-white petals (up to 30 petals), with lightly-ruffled, strawberry-red petal edges.
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