But the sequence in the Red Circle was a whole new level of massacre. The formerly retired underworld assassin goes on a revenge spree and tracks the man responsible for his misery to the Red Circle night club. Dr. King Schultz had spent the first half of Django Unchained training Django as a bounty hunter. ATF Pistol Brace Shenanigans A Sign Of Things To Come? Thankfully the last three chumps all line up behind a van, leading to a jumping spinning three-for-one triple head shot to cap off the hysterical firefight. Welcome to Fantasy Gunfun action. From Western shootouts to brutal mob confrontations to super-powered, one-man-army killing sprees, these are the 15 Best Movie Gun Fights of All Time! Military personnel come pouring out of the corners to block the elevator and Neo and Trinity get to work, flipping, kicking and gunning them down. But there are far too many soldiers and not enough bullets. The blood and death and mayhem was unprecedented for the genre. Jump to: navigation, search. He’s not going to let these guys just stroll on in and put him down. In this episode of TFBTV, James goes over what he thinks are the Top 5 movies from a gun guy’s perspective by using input from a poll completed by Patreon supporters to populate the list. The mayhem reaches a few peaks, such as when Doc spooks a horse to get a clear shot, and when one of the Cowboys sprays bullets from a studio right next to the lawmen. When the General slits Angel’s throat instead, Pike guns him down and all hell breaks loose. He even takes out one goon by shooting a heavy metal file cabinet that slides right into his head. Both men are consummate professionals struggling with their personal lives. Have you got some favorite movie gun fights that didn’t make the list? He doesn’t give any of the guards in the club a chance. Deadpool's unique ability to rapidly heal from gunshot wounds makes for several laugh out loud moments. John Woo’s filmography includes some of the best gun fights in action cinema in Hong Kong or anywhere. 1. We’re not including warfare sequences; these are the more intimate or focused gun fights between a few gun-savvy characters, or between a few gun-savvy characters and many, many more nameless, hapless mooks. That’s not to say that the scene is lacking in excitement or great action. 1. But it goes to show the power of the actors, the music and the cinematography in building up to a single quick draw. Robots! Tony Montana was an unstable, violent guy, on top of being a drug kingpin. The highway shootout perhaps best captures Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking action style. Accident Man There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Dozens of the gunmen fall as Tony rains fire from the top of the stairs. I love these movies! From Vietnam to the war in Iraq, the MP5 hasn’t gone out of style in over 50 years of service. Even if you narrowed it down to just one film like Hard Boiled, it would be almost impossible to pick the best one. He flips over a table for cover on both sides and seems totally immune to automatic fire. He wouldn’t kill women and children as part of business. After crashing into his targets’ SUV and getting them all brutally killed in a rolling car wreck, more goons show up and surround the car on the highway. 2018’s Master Z: Ip Man Legacy isn’t there yet, but hopefully soon. ), but she’s right. I’m probably more of a Bruce Willis fan than I should be, according to my husband. 23) You know, by God I actually pity those poor [email protected] we’re going up against. The fight is eerily realistic in part because each of the actors underwent months of weapons training to prepare for the parts. What does being a guy have to do with any of this?!”. Hitman (I) (2007) 5. By God, I do. Mr. Smith doesn’t stop moving throughout the entire fight. Classic Westerns, crime movies, and war films have long hinged their climactic action beats on bloody gun … Bottles and tables explode all around Banderas while automatic fire seems to dodge around him. At first he seemed to have no memory of humanity left in him. — Serenity. Gun Fight (film) Gun Fight. With the town’s Marshall murdered and Curly Bill escaping justice, Virgil issues an edict to ban all weapons within the town’s borders. Ennio Morricone’s mythical music swells dramatically, setting the pace for the scene and drawing the audience in. We see Winchester lever guns and Colt single-action army revolvers in Montana as well as Webley Mk IV revolvers, SMLE .303 rifles, a P.08 Luger, and even a water-cooled Maxim in World War I. The shootout at the OK Corral is expertly staged with the lawmen placing fast strategic shots to bring down the Cowboys. Of course, Mariachi’s got guns and grenades and spare clips in his case. It was a dream come true for mob movie fans when Robert De Niro and Al Pacino starred together on opposite sides of the law in Michael Mann’s 1995 Heat. On one particularly rough night of betrayals and murders, Tony is getting blasted off heaps of coke while an army of gunmen raid his mansion. Die Hard. Let's not forget to mention the perfect soundtrack choice in Ace of Spades by Motorhead. Sam Peckinpaw’s The Wild Bunch was a big bloody rebuke to that classic style of the genre and has become just as influential since its premiere in 1969. The last stunt has him rappelling down a stairwell and mowing down the assassins in one continuous spread, all while holding the baby. Gun Fight Quotes. There’s also the fight in the warehouse where Mr. Smith sets up Rube Goldberg-esque machine gun traps. I’d 100% rather watch RED than Twilight. Wick gets waylaid by Kirill after running out of bullets, but his sympathetic mission and totally believable lethality left an impression on audiences and the bad guys. Explosions! Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado gives Antonio Banderas’ El Mariachi quite the introduction. The savvier-than-he-appears "Uncle Tom" Stephen exposes their scheme. Country USA Directed by Edward Ludwig Release Date 1944 Studio Republic Pictures (I) Distributor Republic Pictures (I) Main Cast; Character Actor The latter turns out to be a natural quickdraw and deadeye but Django has to stay his hand when they infiltrate Candyland. Perhaps the most fun and memorable fight is where Mr. Smith escapes his hideout while holding the baby under one arm all the way. The year 2019 was a pretty good one for action movies, although not all the best examples came from the big screen. Three CA Men Face Federal Gun Trafficking Charges, AZ Student’s Suicide Prompts Call For Waiting Periods. Nonetheless, Hollywood brought us some fantastic action movies … John Wick (2014) 3. The best action movies deliver a gripping plot along with the requisite jaw-dropping fight scenes, and Netflix is full of great examples. Gun fights have been a staple of action movies for decades, and require an artistry all their own to be successful. I love gun movies. Do not mess with John Wick, and god help you if you mess with John Wick’s dog. Even after the station officers break out their own machine guns, they can do nothing but distract the Terminator. He had been reprogrammed to follow the three directives: serving the public trust, protecting the innocent, and upholding the law. He dances across the bar placing kill shots all around him. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. A one-stop shop for all things video games. They laugh at his formal invitation to surrender. He marches forward, effortlessly eliminating each gunman with trick shots from his heavy automatic pistol. Paul Giamatti’s quote really sums it up at the end: “Do we really suck or is this guy really that good?!”. It’s like Hong Kong action whack-a-mole, with shotguns! Paul Newman and Robert Redford make one of the most lovable pairs of outlaws ever in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It makes the fight unbearably tense and claustrophobic for Django even when he gets to dual wield to a remixed Tupac’s Untouchable. Turns out all the other patrons have automatic weapons and shotguns hidden under their tables. We know from the beginning that he’s looking for a man named Bucho when he wanders into the Tarasco Bar in Mexico. Newman falls from a shot. Top 5 Gun Movies: The Best Gun-Action Films Posted at 3:01 pm on July 26, 2017 by Jenn Jacques. Some movies and characters are built entirely around gun fights; it’s what we buy the ticket for. The bank robbery scene and what follows in particular is well known for it’s accurate gun handling. Hulu's offerings of action movies … An eye-opening look at the not-quite black-and-white issue of private gun ownership in America today. 2. This movie is all about action, but not in the way you might expect. In some cases the right movie gun becomes as famous as the star wielding it, and rightfully so. Top Gun ushered in a new type of mold for action movies, one producer Jerry Bruckheimer would use to forge many other hits throughout the '80s and '90s. Eventually he discovers his previous life, including the criminal gang who murdered him, led by Clarence Boddicker. Arguably the most memorable fight of the whole trilogy, the lobby shootout is the first major hurtle Neo and Trinity have to clear on their mission to rescue Morpheus. Heat is well known for it’s extremely detailed and authentic firearm handling. It’s a landmark gun fight of westerns that still holds up. At the climax of the movie Pike (William Holden) leads the Bunch to persuade the brutal General Mapache to release their friend Angel.
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