If your garage ceiling height approaches 9 or 10 feet in height, you can end up with hundreds of cubic feet of excellent storage space. So, what do you think? Building a garage store loft can be done easily and fast, meeting your storage needs in an easy and convenient way. According to many experts today, keeping your things off the floor will improve convenience and efficiency. Screw the bolts 3 inches to the studs, making sure that you attach a board at every wall stud. When you park your car inside the garage, where you place it? How can you do it? After you do so, try to spread the weight evenly across the loft. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. How? If you have a short garage ceiling, you can opt for a ladder (preferably aluminum or wooden) about 10-foot tall instead of built-in steps. I constructed my loft … Afterwards, spread loads evenly across the area and avoid overloading any section. A ladder will not take up space and you can move it anywhere. You want a loft with firm and secure flooring, so do just that. You should allow support posts for one floor, making sure that there is still enough space for the car in the garage. Likewise, if you use an item seasonally, you can put them behind other more needed items. As we mentioned in the beginning, take all the necessary precautions you need in order to build this area safely. By doing the above, it will be easier for you to measure the size of the lumber you will need to build a garage storage loft. The main idea of building a loft in your garage is to utilize the space in the garage efficiently. This 30-page PDF provides layouts, materials lists, building resources, and plans for building the main garage and expansion shed. Prepare your joists nails and joists hangers. Building a loft can be the perfect solution to adding a bedroom when space is an issue. Cost $ $ $ Skill Level Start to Finish 2 Days. Skill Level: Intermediate | STANLEY Pro Project Guides. Once you are done with the posts, you should take the plywood and lay it over the joists of the loft you have built. A hoist is a great way to create garage storage overhead or for garage bike storage. A garage loft is easy to design and build and an effective way to take advantage of unused space. This simple space can require a lot of labor, but it pays dividends by substantially increasing the amount of storage your home has. How to Install Overhead Garage Storage . Make sure it’s strong and sturdy so it can withstand all the weight you’ll be putting on it. What is a garage storage loft? Then, slide in the joists into these hangers. Are you going to put a garage storage loft in your next DIY projects list? Make sure that every wall stud is attached with a board. That is, take full advantage of the structure that you already have. You can use the additional space for any type of gear, decoration or off season clothes and other things you don’t use on an everyday basis. In order to meet building code, your garage loft apartment will need to have a certain amount of head room available. This is a storage loft I built in our garage so I could free up some floor space. If required, you can also add supports to create a larger or wider loft. Some homeowners have tall garage ceilings that they can build a loft that appears and functions just like a second floor. Having a garage storage loft will help you declutter your garage. We don’t include the number and the size of the timber and lumber boards as the number and the size will depend on your garage’s size as well as the loft’s size you are going to build. Let us ask you something. Article by Popular Mechanics. This is important as there is no point in upgrading your house while at the same time harming the integrity of the garage and the house. Build a Storage Loft in Back of the Garage By James Dulley. How to Build a Simple Garage Storage Loft? Here is a short guide on how to build a garage storage loft in a few easy steps. In terms of design, there is no limitation on how you should design a garage storage loft. A storage loft can be as simple as a simple structure built strong enough to be a storage or built as complex as an attic. Use the posts to plan for the garage loft, adding supports, if needed, for a wider or larger loft. Screw these posts and secure them to their positions. To build a garage storage loft is not as difficult as you may think, as you have seen above. The aim is to reduce unused space in the garage. All rights reserved. The higher the ceiling, the safer they will be. home improvement and repair website. Website operating Use the deck screws to secure the plywood floor in to its place safely and securely. Making a garage storage loft is not difficult and also does not take a long time. The basic construction is 2×6, 5/8” osb and 5/8” ply. Be sure that there is enough space left for your car in the garage. If, however, you want a large storage loft, you can create a loft above the garage. Building a loft consists of plenty of accurate measuring, purchasing the proper wood type and length, buying the correct bolts and screws, and assembling your loft in the proper area. The best plans on how to build a garage storage loft leave the garage floor for your car and free the other spaces for storage. If you use an item often, be sure that it is readily accessible at all times. What other things can a storage loft in your garage do? How to Build Garage Storage Shelves on the Cheap. There are lots of garage storage loft designs out there that can suit various size and type of garage. View our Privacy Policy here. One of the most common spots for a garage loft is above the door. You can also add other accessories, too. To plan the loft, just use the posts. Never overload any section of the loft. These simple guidelines will help you decide the size of the lumber you will be using. We will explain things you should know about it. Also, make sure that the project will not harm the integrity of the garage and your house as a whole.
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