Book it online and avoid queueing in stations. Station … You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. If this error persists, you can try again later on or book by phone with our Contact Centre on +32 70 79 79 79 (€0.30/min). You can take a train from Liège to Kaiserslautern Central Station via Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf and Mannheim Hbf in around 3h 45m. Holders of a valid railpass for the Dutch rail network and holders of some types of NS season tickets (e.g. Thalys, ICE and InterCity trains easily connect the city of Liège with Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. If you want to book a separate seat for your child, please select the age group 'Child (4-5)'. The province is also listed, unless the station lies within the Brussels Capital Region and therefore does not belong to any province. Liège-Guillemins is a train station in - well, Liège - in Belgium. Liège-Guillemins, 4000 Liège ... Trainline provides a very simple and comfortable booking system for train tickets in several countries like to/from/in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. Not only is Liège-Guillemins one of the busiest train stations in the Wallonia Region, it’s also an important railway hub for high-speed trains. Please confirm that you are the responsible of the company. By the use of you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. Your password does not yet meet our security requirements. via the SNCB Mobility Call Centre on +32 25 28 28 28, 7 days a week, 7.00 – 21.00. When coming out of the station, you turn right and go down, and find the heart of the old city. 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Entrance via Avenue de l'Observatoire. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Holders of a valid travel pass, Network Railcard or token for free transport on the Belgian rail network (visual impaired travellers, parliament members, police in uniform etc...) do not have to pay for the Belgian part of an international journey with conventional IC or local trains. It’s easy, fast and secure! There is also a security service – Securail – that ensures the safety of passengers in the station and on board trains. 2 Place des Guillemins The price of Intercity Brussels is based on kilometres – if you depart form a station that is closer to Liège, then the trip is cheaper. Unfortunately, an error has occured (Errorcode: b.e.). Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has completed a station with a vaulted glass and steel canopy in Liege, Belgium. There are many parking facilities around Liège-Guillemins train station: No response within the expected time limit, {"domains":["","","","",""],"didYouMeanPrefix":"Did you mean","didYouMeanSuffix":"? Just one hour from Brussels is Liege, a historical city on the river Meuse, dating back to Charlemagne. Before planning a visit there, review average weather conditions on the Liege travel weather site. Please pre-book mobility assistance at least 48 hours prior to departure for international travel to or from Belgium. Trainline provides a very simple and comfortable booking system for train tickets in several countries like to/from/in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. The station is fitted with raised platforms, adapted toilets, lifts and escalators. Secure payment with the following payment methods: Your travel date or departure time cannot be in the past. The station is used by 15,000 people every day which makes it the eleventh busiest station in Belgium and the third in Wallonia Belgium's five main airports are Brussels Airport, Brussels South Airport, Liège, Ostend and Antwerp, all of which are easily connected by train. Bicycle parking (free of charge): under the tracks. The open-air building, which was completed in 2009, features soaring white beams that form a massive arch over the tracks. Outdoor car park (payment required) next to the station on the corner of Rue de Bovy and Rue Sclessin. The new Liège Guillemins station links two very distinct areas of Liége, previously divided by the railway tracks, the north side towards the city, a typical run-down 19th century urban area, and the Cointe Hill to the south, a landscaped residential area. With a wonderful central location only one hour from Brussels by train or car, Liege must-see sites are the Prince-Bishops’ Place, Liege-Guillemins Station, Museum of Walloon Life, Church of Saint-Jacques, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The city of Liège is today a major node in the North European high-speed rail network with links to Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. *Early Bird can be booked up to 7 days before departure. Enter the My Thalys World, Carte Grand Voyageur or Eurostar loyalty card number for each passenger. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. The train/railway station of Liege (Belgium). Liège-Guillemins | Liège, Belgium Architect Santiago Calatrava is known for his undulating white structures, and his design for this station in Liège, Belgium, fits the mold. When arriving in Brussels by train, you should expect to travel 2 miles (3 km) from the main train station called Bruxelles-Midi to the city center. The railway station of Liege (Belgium): Liège-Guillemins. Holders of a valid travel pass, Network Railcard or token for free transport on the Luxembourg rail network do not have to pay for the Luxembourg part of an international journey with conventional IC or local trains. Open 24/7. Holders of some types of NS season tickets (e.g. For assistance abroad on journeys beginning or ending outside Belgium, please contact the appropriate train company in the appropriate country. If you can not accept, you have to leave Liège-Palais is another train station in Liege, a lot smaller than Liège Guillemins, but right in the center of the city.That station can be reached by a lot of trains from Liège Guillemins (every train going through Liège Guillemins in direction of Liers or Herstal). 5% discount with code: HOME2020Buy your train ticket online on Omio. Arguably Europe's most stunning 21st century train station, if you're interested in architecture and on a train passing through Liège-Guillemins, get off and take the next train if you can!. Schedules, address, opening times and lockers. Check real-time departure and arrival times for Liège-Guillemins and hundreds of other European train stations. When the city's existing station had to be replaced due to the increasing demands of the high-speed rail travel, Eurogare (formerly Euro-Liège … The inbound journey cannot be earlier than the outbound journey. 850 spaces with 24-hour CCTV. ThePass members pay a membership fee entitling them to reduced fares and increased flexibility when travelling to certain Thalys destinations. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date. about railcc: We are real travellers and offer honest and well-grounded tips and tricks for your train journey. Great for semi-abstract landscape photography, its bold white sweeping curves create the impression of a vast glass-and-concrete manta ray. Liège-Guillemins railway station (IATA: XHN) is the main station of the city of Liège, the third largest city in Belgium.It is one of the most important hubs in the country and is one of the 3 Belgian stations on the high-speed rail network.
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