Rendered in Malika's iconic style of patterns of simplified shapes and surfaces, Le Crazy is based on a dance show called Désirs (Desires) at Parisien cabaret institution Crazy Horse. New Releases from Malika Favre To coincide with the release of her beautiful monograph book, published by Counter Print Books, we’re super excited to have a small number of Malika’s brand new limited edition prints! Malika Favre’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Cover illustration for Metropolitan magazine October issue. Malika Favre. She creates playful, often sexy art that will always leave some space for the viewer’s imagination. Illustration students … U nder a high ceiling, Malika Favre is lounging low on the sofa in her studio apartment. Fuerteventura House £ 220.00. Her art is striking and can seem both mysterious and inviting with its use of positive and negative space. We've long admired the work of Malika Favre. Fair enough though, she is bloody good. She is currently the Douglas Caster Cultural Fellow at The University of Leeds. Malika Favre. Buy our signature t-shirt … Typically elegant and beautiful in its stripped-back simplicity, Malika is fast running out of things to strike off on her professional wish list. When we set eyes on the creations of Malika Favre, it’s as if our entire imagination had been seized by a spiral of colours and patterns. Unframed. The Red Wall series Wall I £ 100.00. Malika Favre (born 1 December 1982) is a French illustrator and graphic artist based in London. Malika Favre. Malika Favre, Ram Han, Martina Paukova and Miranda Tacchia discuss the illustration industry, over Whatsapp . Grain de Beauté £ 150.00. She is one of the most successful illustrators in the world at the moment and her style is 100% recognizable. Share. Help us make more than a fashion statement. Work; Shop; Insta; About; 0; Rumble in the Jungle 40x50 cm Giclée print. But I've realised this can be a bit meaningless without the context of how I got there. The New Yorker New Yorker Covers Flat Illustration Graphic Design Illustration Digital Illustration Graphic Art Magazine Illustration Penguin Books Ansel Adams. Malika Favre is one of the world’s most celebrated illustrators, known for her stunningly simple work, often utilising a handful of perfectly refined vector shapes to convey her subject matter. Learn More About Malika. Limited edition of 100. Share. malika favre is a french illustrator now based in london designboom (DB) talk to malika favre (MF) about her illustrative style, colourful shoes and far away places. Having worked for the illustrious Airside design studio until 2011, she is today one of Britain’s most sought-after graphic artists and illustrators. - Malika Favre Malika describes her upbringing in the Parisian suburbs as eccentric – her mum was a hippy and a keen painter (“She did lots of unicorns”) and her dad, whom she calls “an anarchist, but a non-violent one” worked with troubled kids … The work of French artist, Malika Favre. Unframed. Well, for Malika Favre that dream came true this year as her work adorned the newsstands of Manhattan (and the world) for a sunny week in June. Illustration. Malika Favre is a noted French illustrator who is based in London (Picture: Malika Favre/Facebook) They also acknowledged that the fraud should ‘open a … Malika was the inaugural Poet-in-Residence at Royal Shakespeare Company. Her first poetry collection Pepper Seed was longlisted for the OCM Bocas prize and shortlisted for Seamus Heaney Centre prize in 2014. Work; Shop; Insta; About; 0; ArtBOOK £ 30.00.
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