The pods do turn green when cooked. USDA Certified Organic. How To Plant And Grow Purple Green Beans. Tender and stringless. 70 days. Climbing Purple French Bean 'Blauhilde' (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Vegetable Plant Seeds, Late Heirloom 10g (0.35oz) Yard-long Bean, Chinese Red Noodle Pole Bean/100 Seeds/heirloom , Non Gmo ! Upright plants are dark green with a purple tinge. The brilliant purple, 5–5 1/2" pods are eye-catching at market, easy to spot when harvesting, and add stunning color to salads when used raw. Packet: 175 seeds. In addition to being an excellent cut flower, the flowers are edible, imparting a sweet, mild, bean-like flavor that makes them a favorite in our taste tests. Hyacinth bean graces the garden with glowing shades of purple, lilac, and rose all season long. Product Link : Royal Burgundy Purple Bean Seed. Detailed seed … #4272 . An attractive purple-red colored yard long bean with super-long pods that can grow to 18". Sow in rows 24 inches apart. (Vigna sesquipedalis) 40 seeds per pack. Firm lightly and water gently. The ripe pods turn a beautiful dark red-purple, with the beans turning black once cooked. Coat untreated seed with an inoculant. 1,360 seeds/lb. Sow seeds 3 inches apart and cover with 1 inch of fine soil. Buff-colored seeds. The mature seeds … And even better, it is naturally resistant to the bean beetle. Seeds … Open pollinated. 2.8 … Purple green beans grow in exactly the same fashion as traditional bush green beans. Keep sowing bush bean seeds every 2 weeks for a constant supply of beans. Avg. Seedlings emerge in 10-14 days depending on soil and weather conditions.
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