I have zero regrets with the Gen 2 sub I … X. Sonos SUB vs Sonos SUB (Gen. 2) Product Comparison: Sonos SUB vs Sonos SUB (Gen. 2) Advertiser Disclosure. Would it be worth an upgrade to the sub given I can get 20% off and sell the gen 2? Why Sonos doesn't put an RCA jack in the One's I'll never know. My job offers an employee discount which has a $100 difference. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison … I've read there may be a difference with the gen 3 sub vs the 2 in terms of sound and cone design. Sub gen 2 vs gen 3 w/ employee discount About to order a sub and wanted feedback on which the community would chose. Starting and stopping songs Airplay 2… They would sell a ton of them as computer speakers. Better detail and everything is faster and more reliable. I'm thinking of picking up an ARC and have a gen 2 sub and one sl's. The only feature I've seen so far that is available in the Gen 3 subs that is not in Gen 2 is the ability to have 2 Subs in one room -- at least one of them need to be Gen 3. I always mention that the 3rd Gen 5 is an upgrade even if Sonos downplays it.
2020 sonos sub gen 3 vs gen 2