I’ve not every been able to get into Spanish series because all I’ve seen are the telenovelas and that’s not really my style. | Carlos Ponce, Michel Duval, 53 min Personally, I don’t understand the attraction and I find the plot and the acting to be pretty bad but hey who am I to judge with some of the other foreign television series I watch! If you like Orange is the New Black, … Teresa Mendoza returns to Mexico after 8 years to fight with Mexican drug dealers. Their plan... See full summary », Stars: The main characters though are Ana and Alberto- a beautiful seamstress from downstairs and the muy guapo son of the rich owners who have been in love since they were children but who continue to be torn apart by Alberto’s family…… dah dah dah (drama music….). oh-you’ll love The Time Between-it’s my favorite out of all of these. The sassy, formidable, and intelligent Juana Ines continues to cause scandals and anger the church from inside the bars of the convent……..including becoming renowned as a possible homosexual. But now she must escape. El Señor de los Cielos (2013– ) TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Crime, Drama. This might qualify as a modern-day Spanish telenovela (ok quite a few series here might qualify as Spanish telenovelas…) but the acting and story are much better than the old-school Spanish telenovelas and it’s set in Madrid! Stars: A devilish manager who’s having his way with some of the staff. Well.. mystery, and then murder, and then more murder with a lot of not-so-subtle romance thrown in and plenty of fabulous late 40’s/early 50’s fashion. The show is basically all about a group of criminals (who don’t know each other before they get together to hatch this plan) who get together and rob a bank (the Royal Mint in Spain). Jorge Zabaleta, Aurora Gil, Biography, Drama, Music, She dared to challenge the status quo in a time where salsa music was only a white-male territory. The Altamira family celebrate Mariuno's birthday. Juan Alfonso Baptista, TV-14 | Danna García, I have to say it’s really hard for me to find Spanish series!! About the Show Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives") stars on this big, fun and flashy half-hour comedy as Ana Sofia, the star of a popular Spanish language soap opera. Jorge Zárate, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Santa Diabla is the story of Santa Martínez, a woman who seeks revenge for the murder of her husband Willy Delgado. You can find most of these Spanish TV shows on Netflix, hurrah! Mauricio Ochmann, But I have a goddaughter who is studying languages so I will send her to check out your post. Action, Crime, Drama. Elisa and her cousins ask for permission to go dancing at a new club in town. if you don’t like telenovelas-you need to watch The Time Between-much more toned down and drama-history type mini-series 🙂, they are all on Netflix. ahahah. Murder on the high seas! An energetic dog and a laid-back cat teach pre-schoolers vocabulary in both English and Spanish in this fun animated series. Like a Spanish Downton Abbey with much more obviously dramatic acting and music…. The series is a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional telenovela that is shot in Miami, Florida, and follows the daily life of the show's star, who does not speak Spanish. Monica is just passing by for ... See full summary », Stars: | I think I would prefer El tiempo entre costuras . Gran Hotel is set in a beautiful old hotel on the coast in Northern Spain. Drama. Who is the murderer? It could be anyone….  This series, while a bit silly (and entirely entertaining), is great for practicing and understanding Spanish without the help of subtitles. These are the five best Spanish produced TV shows that we found or know of. 2. The Telenovela Method: After failing to learn a new language on FIVE separate occasions…I taught myself to speak Spanish like a native in just SIX MONTHS by watching movies and TV shows, listening to music, and reading books and comics like Garfield and Harry Potter…here’s how you can do it, too! “Te sigo amando” (“I Still Love You”) 4. One series I really liked though was Vis a Vis, it’s like a Spanish Orange is the New Black but more thriller and less comedy (though it’s still funny). The following 5 shows are regular Spanish created TV Shows. Gaby Espino, This is such a great idea to keep up Spanish skills! Arap Bethke, You’re now the fourth person to recommend El Tiempo Entre Costuras… downloading it tonight! Netflix is a treasure trove of binge-worthy TV shows, films and documentaries, but who hasn’t sat for hours scrolling through the catalogue trying to find something they actually feel like watching?We’ve decided to make your life easier, listing the top ten Mexican TV shows and telenovelas that you can waste away an evening (or four) with to your heart’s content. Kate del Castillo, A man known as El Chapo, the biggest international drug lord in history. Rich owners with a beautiful daughter. Will look it up on Netflix. The 6 Best Telenovelas for Learning Spanish on Your Own 1. Listen to the Spanish and read the English subtitles or………for an extra challenge set Spanish subtitles! The fashion, music and cheesy-but-fun burst-into-American 50’s hit song moments alone make this great entertainment but this show also has a great cast and some super lovable quirky characters. I don’t speak spanish or watch netflix. I might check Juana Ines as I love stories about strong, witty and outspoken women. On Netflix (U.S). She has no money to pay for his hospital ... See full summary », Stars: Arantza Ruiz, Corazón Valiente (Fearless Heart), originally known as Caídas del Cielo, is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami, ... See full summary », Stars: The series first aired on December 7, 2015. Miguel Varoni, I’m a long time wine industry professional (17 yrs!) We did our best to have a wide variety of options with different dialects so that you can choose which one best suits what you are looking for. 60 min I really wanted to like Chicas del Cable because of the time period and because it’s set in Madrid, but I just couldn’t. Cuna de lobos (1986–1987) 3. Rafael Amaya, Tierra de Reyes. | Fabián Ríos, The heroine is a famous Spanish film actress who has won awards for many of her roles. Ludwika Paleta, Michel Brown, Christian Bach, | Action, Crime, Drama. Great list. Sort of an Upstairs-Downstairs kind of thing but with more spicy romance, drama, and much better fashion. 🙂, I Loved that series! I watched it a couple of years ago and have been sad ever since that there was no other Spanish series as good as it that I’ve found and no more seasons! People seem to love it. Sin Senos no hay Paraíso. All of these shows have English subtitles offered when you watch them through streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. Sebastián Zurita, José Luis Reséndez, | from California who's spent a lot of my adult life in Europe thanks to dual passports and a love for all things European. Gabriel Porras, A young staff member who’s been killed …and her stunningly gorgeous brother who shows up to infiltrate the hotel and solve her murder. Connecting with People & Regions through Language, Food & Drink, Money Saving Credit Card & ATM Tips For Travelers, Riviera Itinerary – Day Trips from Nice, 7 Online Language Learning Options with Free Trials, How International Housesitting & Petsitting Works. Drama, Romance, "Pasión de gavilanes" is the story of the Reyes brothers, three honest and good-natured men until the day a shocking and unforgettable tragedy makes them go in search of revenge. Watch TV Shows on Telemundo Telemundo is a Spanish language American network offering a wide variety of programming geared toward Hispanic and Latino Americans. Spanish TV Shows and Telenovelas (“telenovela” is Spanish for “soap opera”) 1. It’s adiós for another NBC comedy. I’ll have to check some of these out! Tell us what you think about this feature. Erika de la Rosa, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, The plot begins with the story of two different woman: international piano player monica serrano and a girl who works in a bar to pay her university adriana. | We won’t spoil the end for you but the plot thickens continually.  This show involves spies, Nazis, fabulous fashion and drama. 1. Action, Crime, Drama. This alluring series out of Mexico is often described as You meets 365 Days, and for good reason. Don’t worry, you can simply update your information in the Google Play Store to keep watching your favorite shows, news and sports today. I love the historic setting, the storyline, the actress….. I loved the description of the time in between one. Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso (2008 and 2016) If Sex and the City was your fave show back in the day. Ximena Duque, TV-14 See more ideas about spanish tv shows, tv shows, telenovelas. Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso (2016– ) 5. “Catalina y Sebastian” | Stars: Señora Acero (2014– ) Lisette Morelos, Christian Meier, I like as all of them are so melodramatic and I’m just not into that, I did try the first three here and just couldn’t get into them. Paola Rey, Galilea La Salvia, Catherine Siachoque, TV-14 “La Mentira” (“The Lie”) 3. Oscar Priego, This is a fantastic website and my top recommendation if you’re looking for Spanish videos to learn Spanish with. Señora Acero 3: La Coyote- Bastard daughter of Vicente Acero, Vicenta Rigores Acero (La Coyote) must come face to face with her destiny to become the New Señora Acero, as she is the inheritor of the Acero family dynasty. Itatí Cantoral, This series was based on a very popular novel. Fernando Noriega, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Telenovela is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). Danna García, Ana Lucía Domínguez. María Elisa Camargo, It is based on Amor en … Great list! TV-14 Sonya Smith, 1. Crime, Drama, Romance. Ximena Duque, TV-14 What a great list to help prepare for my next Spanish vacation! Gabriel Porras, I’m always looking for new ways to practice language skills. Premiered: 2003. “Corazón salvaje” (“Wild Heart”) 6. Though certainly not a modern day show-it’s pretty cool that it’s about a real person, and that a woman at that time could actually have such an impact on some pretty important people 🙂. 60 min With shows set in Spain and across Latin America, you can find everything from BBC-type dramas to reality TV. Consequently, they have a very defined story arc and are characterised by high drama, such as star-crossed lovers, betrayal, a man on a quest for revenge or twins separated at birth. José María Torre, 🙂. Fabián Ríos, TV-14 María Elisa Camargo, It sounds like a thriller and very inspiring too. Carolina Gaitan, you’re welcome! If the series is as good as the book, then it will be a must. VELVET. 2. But life imposes a series of cruel betrayals that require ... See full summary », Stars: Stars: Luis Ernesto Franco, 42 min Erika de la Rosa, Maybe I can give it a shot, as long as they have English subtitles of course 🙂, Hi Fiona Tony Dalton, TV-14 A Spanish series based on Juana Ines de Asbaje, a brilliant young woman in Spain in the 12th century who ruffles feathers with her intelligence, wit, outspokenness, and prose at Court, where she is a favorite of the nobles. I have a hard time practicing now that I’m home. Stars: Add to this, that once it is made public knowledge that her parents were unmarried, she is told the only options for her (a bastard!) I know I’ll be dreaming of Spain after watching some of these! La Patrona. Maritza Rodríguez, 44 min Aylín Mújica, 60 min But quickly, we learn Darío's passion for Alma is more like an … 2 Best Shows for Beginners and Lower Intermediates 1) Destinos I loved the storyline of The Time Between and being a huge WWII buff, this is added to my list <3 Thanks for sharing!! The series aired 11 episodes during the 2015-2016 season on NBC. The FluentU Spanish video collection boasts a wide variety of videos—covering topics like favorite telenovela moments, soccer, TV shows, business, movies and even magical realism, as you can see here: Gutierritos (1958– ) 4. Together, they must get Adela to safety, before the gang catches them... Stars: Santa's revenge includes marrying Humberto Cano, a powerful attorney in ... See full summary », Stars: Pasión de gavilanes. Encuentra capítulos completos gratis, sinopsis, videos, fotos, exclusivas, resúmenes y mucho más de las telenovelas de Univision. Desde las telenovelas hasta las series documentales, toda la televisión en español de Tubi está disponible para su entretenimiento. The woman is a thief who has had run-ins with the law due to getting a tough break. Love, drama, intrigue, murder, history… these Spanish series have it all. Telenovela is available for streaming on … | Juana opts to become a nun so that she can study and write in peace. It focuses on the long lost romance of a man and a woman who meet again after 10 years by chance in a company where the woman gets hired as a telephone operator. Mario Cimarro, Catherine Siachoque, 16 Best Spanish TV Shows on Amazon Prime (2020) Watching Spanish shows on Amazon Prime Video is a great way to practice vocabulary and listening skills. She meets Carlos, a man who has worked hard for his kids. 20 Best Telemundo Telenovelas/Series. Her father is mysteriously ran over by a car and she is devastated. Drama, Mystery, Romance. 20 Underrated Network TV Shows of the 2000s. Jorge Luis Pila, Blanca Guerrero is a kind and beauiful girl who lives in a poor neighboorhood. Music and series are a great way to-if nothing else-keep hearing the language pronounced by native speakers and at a normal pace. Alejandro Calva, “Maria la del Barrio” (“Maria of the Neighborhood”) 2. 28 countries around the world have developed adaptations of this show, and 180 have broadcast it. Lisa Owen, TV-14 All the Spanish series on this list are available to stream free for Prime members. It’s really well done and has great actors. Mario Cimarro, | I’d love to check out Las Chicas Del Cable especially, as that sounds up my alley. Humberto Zurita, And watching them will help you improve your Spanish accent! (Drama in a less in-your-face-way, I suppose 😉 ). Stars: | I still need lots of Spanish input. For the first time, the details of an amazing life will be told through a powerful drama ... See full summary », Stars: I keep looking for different shows on Netflix and these are added to my list!! I’m sure these will all cause some serious wanderlust too. | Adriana Fonseca, I have heard they are (or they were) shooting “La Catedral del Mar” from the famous novel. [Colombia – 1999/2001 – 169 episodes- Telenovela/Comedy-Romance] This telenovela was added to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 as the most successful TV series of all time.Yo Soy Betty La Fea is one of the most famous Spanish TV shows of all time. Una familia con suerte (2011– ) 378 min Lista completa de todos los programas, tv shows, novelas y series de Telemundo: capítulos completos gratis, fotos, videos y contenidos exclusivos de tus shows favoritos. Carmen Navarro, 45 min And… of course there is the tight-knit girl crew who work at the telephone operating station, among them a rich elite rebel, a secret feminist and a woman trying to leave her abusive husband in a country where divorce isn’t legal and a woman’s rights aren’t recognized.   Scandal, drama, political strife, and romance ensue! https://screenrant.com/american-shows-that-were-originally-telenovelas | One of the actresses from Chicas del Cable is in it. Hi Medha, yes They all have English subtitles. Once I’m back in the UK I will check, I’ve never thought about watching a Spanish series honestly! Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso (2008– ) 4. I do like the sound of The Cable Girls – I wonder if it comes with subtitles on Amazon Prime. | La usurpadora. El Tiempo entre costuras (The Time Between) is my favorite I’d say 🙂. Fernanda Castillo, Now this is something nice and different than the usual destination posts. The most ... See full summary », Stars: Rafael Amaya, Owned by NBCUniversal Television Group, viewers can enjoy sports, reality television, films (including Spanish-dubbed American movies), news broadcasting, and telenovelas. Catherine Siachoque, It starred Gabriela Spanic and Fernando Colunga, and was based on La Intrusa, a novela originally broadcast in Venezuela which was itself a remake of Radio Caracas Television's 1971 telenovela La Usurpadora, which starred … Humberto Zurita, Eva Longoria stars. Of course-if you are watching an Argentinean show versus a Spanish-Spain show the accents will be completely different!!!!!!!! The drama doesn’t end there though! Telenovelas are broadly Spanish soap operas, but the chief difference is that they normally end after six months to a year, rather than running indefinitely. Drama, Thriller, Yolanda Acosta is an attractive and intelligent woman capable of breaking the law just to protect her beloved daughter Cristina, but destiny makes her the lover of Benedicto Suárez alias El... See full summary », Stars: This is the best kind of show to practice your Spanish by listening to! I’ve never heard of these before, but they sound interesting! Action, Crime, Drama, Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso tells the tragic story of a young woman named Catalina Santana who's ambition is so strong she'll risk her life, because of her obsession with having larger breasts... See full summary », Stars: Danna García, In a world of crime, violence and dangerous alliances, a betrayed woman rises as its ruthless queen. are becoming a prostitute or a nun.
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