I like that there are minimal gaps around the mask. If you’re sewing with a lighter weight fabric, or want stitching that blends well into your garment’s design, normal sewing thread does the trick beautifully. Apr 14, 2017 - Topstitching is as simple as sewing a straight stitch, but with the right tips you can achieve stunning results. This center seam version is the style I’m focusing on at the moment. January 26th 2017. If you want more visibility or interest, though, look to the other stitches on your machine. Top-Stitching Tips for Sewing . Either is a great choice when working with wovens, but don’t ever use them on knits. Check out these tips and tricks for more professional topstitching. Depending on the measurements of your pattern piece, you may not be able to get a complete pattern at the ends of your topstitching. It differs from construction sewing in that it's used to pick out and highlight certain features of your sewing, such as pockets and seam edges (think of it as a way to underline things). It may damage your machine. Use the same stitch settings with metallic thread that you would for a regular weight spool. Meanwhile, Topstitching needles have a sharper point and slightly larger eyes, allowing you to use a heavier weight thread with ease. Posted on April 14 by Maria Bywater. It offers simple lines, a center front seam, and no drastically curved edges. Yes, my dears, glue. Subscribe and learn how to better use your sewing machine feet! While regular weight thread would’ve worked, the metallic thread pops that extra bit, turning this blouse into a truly special piece. Whew. No matter how well you press or pin, there is another danger with topstitching: bubbling seams. I love to add decorative topstitching to smaller details of a garment, like the cuffs or collar, so that it doesn’t overwhelm a design. Rulerwork for Beginners Series, Part 5: Diamonds. Mastering topstitching is a matter of practice and these few key tricks will help. It’s as close as we get to real sewing magic. 1. 5 tips for topstitching and its purpose in sewing . Improve your speed, accuracy and overall efficiency with our tips, techniques, and guides. Step outside of the box and experiment with your decorative stitches! You can easily hide small overlaps in less visible areas, such as collar backs, or add a few linking stitches between topstitching patterns that are a bit too short. Those are my favorite tips for topstitching, but what are yours? And of course as with all sewing the best thing you can do is practice! In my head, I imagined perfect sapphire topstitching against that bright emerald green. For straight, but bolder lines of stitching, choose the triple stitch (#6 on my own BERNINA 350 PE). More information Tips for Better Topstitching - also a note I hadnt thought of, using two different color threads in the same needle to make a … Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this! Topstitching is a great finishing touch for many projects, from garments to bags to tablecloths. Please leave any additional questions you may have in the comments! View original. No one will never know that your beautiful topstitching is actually beautiful edgestitching. Jul 11, 2012 - Topstitching is as simple as sewing a straight stitch, but with the right tips you can achieve stunning results. However, I encourage you to consider one more variable in your topstitching first: your actual stitch. Topstitching is an important detail in sewing that can make or break the final look of a garment. Bump up the length a little bit for better visibility (I like to be in the 3-3.5 range, personally) and you’re good to go. Note places your topstitching lines might intersect, or corners that you’ll need to deal with. If your fabric is very thin you may have difficulty topstitching. It’s already day four with the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 965Q and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with what this fabulous sewing machine can do! Topstitching is a great finishing touch for many projects, from garments to bags to tablecloths. You may need to … I actually used metallic blue thread on the blouse in these photos. Here are a few tips (use the ones that suit your fabric and project) to get the best topstitching results every time! These are a heavier weight than your normal thread and tend to come in a limited range of colors. And you can make multiple rows of decorative stitches for more interest, depending on the project. The eye is larger to use with heavier threads if you want more prominent stitching. Do you want something that will add more texture, blend in beautifully, or provide a bright pop of color and contrast? Sew very slowly and use the tape as a guideline, so that your stitching stays perfectly straight along an entire pattern piece. Needle Selection When topstitching you're going to want to make sure you've got a topstitching needle in your machine. A lot of people think a jeans or denim … Metallic thread is a great choice for you. Tips to level up your topstitching game Topstitch on paper. You'll be glad you read this, we promise! This reduces the bulk of the fabric under the stitches, making it easier to get a smooth, even finish. Find even more of favorite topstitching tips in my latest class with Annie’s Creative Studio. Love the idea of the fabric glue stick!!! Start top stitching after the full garment is made and the fitting is complete. Before you start sewing with decorative stitches, try a few lines of different patterns on an interfaced scrap of your fashion fabric. Mark pivot points and intersections on your garment in chalk, so that you know where they are. This needle has a sharp point that cleanly pierces woven fabrics for clean stitching. But in the meantime, I hope these tips will help. A light adhesive means that your layers won’t shift around, those inside seam allowances won’t slip out, and any pesky lines of previous stitching will actually stay covered. Draw out a rough sketch of your garment, using a croquis if you like or just the line drawing on the pattern envelope, then map out where you want topstitching. Can I get it from Bernie? Topstitching is such a useful technique and it can take anything from a lumpy, bumpy looking project/garment to something polished and professional looking. Use the right type of needle for topstitching. Your topstitching thread choice will greatly affect the final look of your garment. Cargo Pants are all about the pockets and the topstitching. It is important to spend time before you start on your project testing your fabric and perfecting your topstitching. Whether you opt for a pop of color, or the sleek look of tone-on-tone stitching, this is one skill that elevates the finish of any garment. The Stafford Jacket features decorative topstitching along most of the seams. Bold threads and defined stitches mean that any mistake—one small bobble or drifting seamline—is impossible to miss, when looking at the garment. My favorite seam guide, however, is a presser foot. It looks a bit different than the other, solid version of the foot, but does the same job. Switching over to the BERNINA Edgestiching Foot #10 gives you a built in channel for your fabric, right there on the side of the presser foot. Play with some on samples till you find one that suits your project. Try any or all of these tips for the best-looking topstitching you can get! Topstitching really makes the jeans! Topstitching can be a single row, or multiple rows of regular machine stitching that is placed on the outside of a garment, usually 1/4″ from the edge. Topstitching can be used purely for decoration and design details. Sewing great looking topstitching can be tricky, so in this video sewing tutorial I share my top tips for achieving good results when you use this sewing technique. 3. Nothing pulls a blouse or shirtdress together quite like beautiful, perfect topstitching. While a universal needle can yield nice results, make your stitches stand out even more with a Microtex or Topstitching needle. You can absolutely use the old straight stitch stand-by. You will encounter temptation, lovelies. Do Not use thick topstitching thread in your bobbin. The needle sews each stitch three times to make it thicker and more defined. I don't mark, I don't measure, although I do use the presser foot as a rough guide. They not only give you a beautiful contrast, but lend extra stability to your garment.
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